Free Valuation Report with Premium Service.

At Rolleston Caravans Workshop we offer Standard or Premium Servicing for single or twin-axle caravans. Towing services should be done once a year.

Depending on the caravan and type of service it may take up to a day to complete it. No extra repairs will be carried out unless approved by the owner.

Service Fees Standard Service Premium Service
Single Axle Twin Axle Single Axle Twin Axle
UK caravan $250 $300 $450 $500
AU/NZ/US Caravan $650 $750 $800 $900


Extras (available for Premium Service only):

  • Worry-free WOF: $150.
  • Valuation: $95.
  • Flushing fresh water tanks (including chemicals) per tank: $250.
  • Flushing grey water system (including chemicals) per tank: $350.
  • We offer an invasive moisture reading service if you are concerned about water leaks in your RV. Talk to our technicians about this service.

Note for KiwiLine/HillTop caravan customers: book Standard Service for your 3-months warranty service. Book Premium Service for 1-5 year services (additional fee applied for gas pressure test).

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 Work to be done  Standard Service   Premium Service 

Check and adjust wheel bearings.

Note: replace bearings, magnets, brake shoes all at extra cost. 

Check tyre pressures and tyre conditions.    
Check wheel drum and brake hub assemblies and adjust.    
Check and lube if required overrun assembly.    
Check hand brake operation and adjust if required.    
Check breakaway chain/cable. Check battery if equipped.    
Check and lube jockey wheel.    
Check and lube corner steadies.    
Check operation, grease spare wheel rack if fitted.    

Check all gas lines for leaks. Test Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

Note: if leaks are found, repairs must be carried out by a licensed LPG installer. 

Check batteries and charge rate from alternator or battery charger. Clean battery slides and catch.    
Check all lights, interior and exterior for faulty globes and connections.    
Check all windows for operation. Clean and lightly spray moving parts with a silicon spray.     
Check access doors. Clean seals and locks, spray with silicon (main door only).     
Check all cupboard doors. Adjust latches where necessary. Spray with a light oil on hinges and locks.    
Visually check pressurized water lines for leaks, quote and repair if necessary.     
Visually check (where possible) internal walls and ceiling for the water leak marks.    
Operate all appliances.     

If applicable, check the Truma water filter cartridge.

Note: replace the filter at extra cost. 

Check operation of entry step, clean & service where necessary.     
If roof top air conditioner is fitted, retention hold down bolts to manufacturers recommendations.     




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