At Rolleston Caravans Workshop we offer Motorhome Habitation Service. Habitation service is recommended to be done once a year.

The time required to complete a motorhome service is a minimum of 7 hours. No extra repairs will be carried out unless approved by the owner.

Habitation Service fee: $699.


  • Worry-free WOF: $200.
  • Flushing fresh water tanks (including chemicals) per tank: $250.
  • Flushing grey water system (including chemicals) per tank: $350.
  • We offer an invasive moisture reading service if you are concerned about water leaks in your RV. Talk to our technicians about this service.

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Habitation Service Includes:

  1. Underbody:
    • Underslung tanks and pipes - check condition and security, check for leaks.
  2. Bodywork:
    • Doors and windows - check operation of all locks, catches, stay&seals.
    • Roof - check condition of roof lights, seals and general condition of roof. Check for mold.
    • Body attachments - check security of any ladders, cycle racks, lockers, aerials, sat dish, etc.
    • Cab seats - check operations (swivel or bed configuration).
    • Grab handles - check security and sealing.
    • Number plate - check it is secured.
    • Check REGO (+paid km for diesel).
    • Check WOF (+when the next mechanical service due).
    • Floor - check for sponginess/delamination.
    • Furniture - check condition and operation of all furniture doors, handles and fixings.
    • Wiper blades - check.
    • Check overall Body Condition.
    • Blinds and fly screens - check condition, tension, operation and material.
    • Visually check (where possible) internal walls and ceiling for the water leak marks (invasive moisture test after the owner approval only).
  3. Electrical System:
    • Road lights and reflectors - check condition and operation.
    • Battery - check condition of battery and compartment and record idle voltage.
    • Battery - check and top up level if required and perform high discharge test.
    • Fridge-check operation from 12v (RV engine running)(ELV).
    • Fridge-check 230v (LV).
    • Interior lighting&equipment - check operation and fuse rating.
    • Awning light - check operation.
    • Wiring earths - check for defects on all ELV circuits (visual).
    • LV inlet plug and extension lead - check condition and resistance across connection pins.
    • Earth bonding - visual inspection.
    • RCD unit - check operation of RCD test button and operation of MCB's.
    • 230v sockets - carry out plug top polarity test.
    • Electric awning and step - check condition and operation.
    • Charger - check output charge rate at battery connections.
    • Electric hob - check operation (if fitted).
    • Boiler - check operation on 230v (if fitted).
    • Check operation of all other 230v appliances, bats and luminaries.
    • Habitation Air conditioning - check operation (if fitted).
    • Check that any additional items fitted are relevant standard.
    • Check the electrical certificate.
  4. Gas system:
    • Regulator and Gas hose - check age, performance and security.
    • Check Gas Certificate.
    • Carry out gas leak check (not the full gas pressure test).
    • Gas cylinder or LPG tank - check security.
    • Flame failure device (FFD) check operations.
    • Cooker - check operation and FFD.
    • Heater - check operation and FFD.
    • Fridge - check operation and FFD.
    • Water heater - check operation and FFD.
    • Ensure all gas dispersal vents are clear.
  5. Water system:
    • Water pump and pressure switch - check operation.
    • Taps, micro switches, valves, pipes and tanks - check condition and operation.
    • Water filter and housing - check for leaks.
    • Water system - check for leaks.
    • Water tanks - check condition and contamination.
    • Toilet - check security, operation of flush pump and lubricate seals.
    • Check Self Containment Certificate.
  6. Ventilation:
    • Fixed ventilation - check for obstructions and free airflow.
    • Check all fixed ventilation is guarded against vermin ingression.
    • Roof skylights - check for cracks, operation and free of obstructions.
  7. Fire and Safety:
    • Smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarm(s) - check operation and dates.
    • If a fire extinguisher is fitted check the date.


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